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Inspiration for your soul. Skills for life.



I'm honored to support you on your path toward redirecting your destiny.

Hi, I’m Carissa. I believe that we are all on a path that is paved with guiding lights and I am honored and humbled to be your next guiding light. 

I’ve been a yoga teacher, mindfulness life coach, massage therapist, and fertility specialist for over twenty years. Drawing on these various skills through my own challenges and losses, I have connected to a constant source of peace and calm and am led to help others do the same. With my keen sense of insight and perception, I will help you learn (or relearn) to trust in your own intuition. Allow me to utilize my ability to view your highest self and guide you to the same vision, and an embodiment of that self and life.

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I offer a comprehensive approach to holistic wellness, seamlessly blending different modalities to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. My yoga classes are open to all ages and abilities, emphasizing accessibility and the tangible benefits of yoga at every stage of your wellness journey. Complementing this, my massages are healing sessions, merging the art of massage therapy with the energetic qualities of sounds as well as adding a unique touch of life coaching to create a comforting and transformative experience.

For those embarking on a fertility journey, my specialized sessions are crafted to enhance your chances of conception while fostering relaxation and well-being. These sessions encompass both lifestyle coaching and massage including abdominal massages, reflexology, and various holistic techniques tailored to support you on your path to building a family. My ultimate mission is to guide you towards a shift in mindset, from self-imposed limitations to the boundless realm of possibility. Drawing from my own experiences spanning from profound grief to deep joy, I connect with you on both a practical and spiritual level, enabling your journey towards a life characterized by empowerment and purpose.



"Meeting Carissa Spada was life changing for me...
The exact moment I met her, I felt a connection between us. I knew I had found the person who would help me to find my core emotional and physical strength again. And I was so right. Carissa’s skills as a teacher and coach, her ability to join me where I was and her compassion made all the difference and brought me to a place of peace and power once again."

— Linda B.

"Carissa’s style is particularly inviting and inspiring...
Her yoga classes taught me about the broader role yoga can play in balancing my life, stretched and strengthened my body and also bathed me in a feeling of well-being that lasted long beyond the class. She is a wonderful “advanced” teacher but she’s also my first choice to inspire beginners."

— S.F.

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